Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vossen Wheels: Vossen CV3 Series

Vossen wheels are being in automotive industry for about three decades and now they are ruling name, the leaders of the industry. Among, their many high quality and durable products Vossen CV3 series is very much popular among the car enthusiasts. It is a one piece wheel that comes in different sizes and widths. The suits best for the luxury automotive vehicles. For that particular market that gives looks of their vehicle a great importance and to make their car outstanding amongst other they are ready to pay anything. Although whole lot of Vossen wheels stands out in the market and their designs and quality is unmatchable.
20" Vossen VVSCV3 CV3 Matte Silver 2008+ Audi A5 S5 Concave Wheels
If the characteristics of Vossen CV3 is discussed then first comes the style and fitment. Its stainless lip gives it a unique and appealing appearance. It has pressure sensor capability and clearance designed for high performance brake upgrades which is a unique quality and feature of vossen CV3. Its alloy wheels make it stronger and lighter in weight that attracts the car enthusiasts the most, also alloy wheels are good conductors.
22" Vossen VVSCV1 CV1 Matte Silver 2007+ Benz S Class W221 Concave Wheels
Vossen CV3 has an impressive and attractive bolt pattern. These are designed for those drivers who love to have smooth drive through bumps and rough tracks. These are tough wheels that will not let your damage while you are off the road and going through a bumpy area. Vossen wheels are very popular because of their concave rims. CV3 wheels have these rims and will give the best possible performance. The concave CV3 wheels are available at affordable prices at JB Custom Wheels. 

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